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Today, Jaycobb and I attended the Google Techtalk at AIM Conference Center. Like Jaycobb said, “it’s good to know that Google employees are human after all – and not androids”. Sure it was fun meeting Jay and Franklin, Google engineers from MountainView, but what catches my attention is that these 2 guys are Pinoys and they spent their “20% time” to fly here and share their Google experience – quite encouraging… this shows that Filipinos can really make it to world’s best. I hope they come back more often and share knowledge with us. I’m sure there are lots of local talents that are just waiting to be discovered – like us [ideyatech] and what we’re doing in the open-source area.

They talked about Google Gadgets, Summer of Codes, OpenSocial and Android, certainly lots of cool activities going on at Google. One insight I had from the talk is that “gadgets can be used to promote contents and to increase traffic”. Certainly worthwhile to do a couple of gadgets for our existing projects.

Here’s another picture taken during the chitchat after the seminar, from left: Franklin, Hans (syndeomedia), me and Jay.

BTW, thanks for Hans for pulling some strings to get us into the seminar.

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