Ideyatech delivered a quality product ahead of schedule. They were accomodating, economical and easy to work with… I will certainly use them again in the near future.

— Mike Peterman, President of VeraData

We have been very happy with our partnership with Ideyatech as our primary development resource. They have been responsive, flexible, accommodating, and cost effective.

— President, Popular Web 2.0 Search Engine

This year has been amazing for all of us, really hard but exciting. The team have been great to work with and have adapted to my style really well... Again, I can't reiterate how great the team has been to work with and look forward to another great year.

— David Heacock, StalkThis

Winning the EMMA award last night was a very pleasant surprise... It is your effort, time and brilliance that has made ReloAssist.

— Robby Wogan, CEO MoveAssist International

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Ideyatech is a Java development outsourcing company based in the Philippines. We are an ideal outsourcing partner for organizations seeking software development work. Read More

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We specialize in the use of the following Java technologies: HTML, Ajax, Javascript, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Spring MVC, Spring, Hibernate/JPA, Web Services. Know More

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An Introduction to Foundation Framework

With today’s trend where people are fond of using mobile devices, it is very important to still give your target audience a user-friendly experience whenever they visit your site. With that, responsive web design is now a requirement in achieving this purpose.

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  • Open-tides is a web foundation framework that can be used to quickly setup a web-based application using Spring MVC and JPA.

    Features Include: Automatic Code Generation, Javadocs API Support, Basic project setup, Built-in security, Support for CRUD pages, Search By Example, etc.
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