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Open-Tides Version 0.4, the latest build of the Open-Tides framework, improves developer’s productivity as much as 4x by introducing a complete set of code generation tools through the use of model annotations.

Ideyatech is excited to release the latest version of Open-Tides, version 0.4. This version contains the following:

  1. Automatic Code Generation – Open-Tides automatically generates the dao, service, controller and jsp pages of your beans.
    • Faster Development. You do not have to spend a lot of time creating the dao, service, controller and jsp pages of your beans–they are automatically created for you! To create an application, just create the beans, add the annotations, and then generate the build!
    • Easier Development. Apart from being able to develop code faster, code development becomes easier! All you need to worry about is creating the beans and understanding the simple annotations used by Open-Tides!
    • Consistent Code. Code naming convention and structure is assured of consistency because of the automatic generation of code. Whether the project beans are created by singular or multiple developers, all code developed via the Open-Tides framework have one generic naming convention and coding structure.
    • Reduced Errors. Syntax errors and errors caused by incomplete code or mistyped code are  lessened because of the several manual entry of code is done automatically already.


  2. JavaDocs API – Documentation is available to aid in the use of annotations as used and implemented by Open-Tides.
    • The javadocs contains the different annotations, their optional elements and a few examples on how to use them. Including this in your project directory structure enables you to access help on annotations just like any other javadocs api.
    • In addition to this javadocs, there are other .pdf tutorial guides found on the link below to assist you in your code development.

Check out the source codes, latest build and other related files here:


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