Elegance in Approach – The Art in Software Programming

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Elegance in Approach

Another form of art in programming is the approach or architectural design. This topic requires strong technical background and experience, but still, designing your architecture requires artistic skills. There are many ways to skin a cat, so is there to design an architecture. Although design patterns help standardize approaches in software programming, decisions have to be made on which patterns to use, more so, to mix and match. Some patterns have similar purpose and overlaps, so choosing the best pattern requires some craftsmanship.

One major factor that affects architecture is the system requirements a.k.a. non-functional requirements, such as reliability, performance, maintainability and others. Having said that, I’m assuming that the functional requirements is already being taken care of and you are aware of what functionalities need to be supported… you’re now asking yourself how it should be supported.

Now, let’s go through some examples. When parsing a string for a certain pattern, do you use standard string operators (e.g. indexOf, substr) or regular expressions? Normally, you’d say regular expression will be easier – more readable and easier to maintain. However, there is a major performance degradation in regular expressions. So, if performance is important, you’d reconsider using indexOf. But then the maintaining such codes will be a nightmare. You might end up implementing your own parsing libraries using standard string operators – this will be a balanced between maintainability and performance. Such is a case of choosing the best approach, all solutions will perform the required functionality… but one will be better in some aspects than the other. Knowing which one works best requires some creativity and mastery. Thereby becoming your masterpiece.

There are so many scenarios that will let you weigh and analyze the different approaches, and there might be no perfect answer, only good answer. In any case, deriving the best possible approach requires some intuition, foresight and creativity. With so many factors to consider in choosing a design, you might as well leave it to your artistic skills to decide.

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