Testing as a Service (TaaS)


Software testing is essential to the software development nowadays and will continue to be in demand as time goes by.

Apps are getting more and more critical to the human lives day by day and the speed to market is getting faster more than ever and yet it’s a must for software companies to provide stable and useful applications. Throw in the costing constraints and evolving requirements in the mix, and you’ll now position yourself where software development could highly impact the software quality.

Software testing can solve these problems by applying different approaches for each unique situations when developing a software.

We at Ideyatech, when given a new system to do the testing, we always refer to our standard set of principles – Understand, Plan, Execute and Feedback.

Each of these main principles have their corresponding directly/indirectly testing activities that help the software achieve the desired quality. We call it this way, because all the testing approaches are pretty standard. But the challenge is, how are we going use these standard approaches to provide your desired quality to your unique application?



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This where we communicate with the clients, what are their definitions of ‘quality’ software.

• Is it fast?
• Can it handle x number of users?
• Is it native/hybrid/web?
• What are the functionalities?

These are some of the questions that are typically asked to the client to understand what their context on their desired quality is.

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After all the communication have taken place, a plan will be developed on how the project will undergo testing. Testing approaches, methodologies, automated or not, level of documentation needs – this is the time to identify these. Identifying what is the right testing practice that’s fit to the client’s quality needs is crucial because it is directly proportional to the targeted quality and cost.

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Based on the planned testing activities, the software will now be put to the actual test.

• Functional
• Regression
• Performance
• Security

These can be some of the testing activities that will be performed against the software.

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This is where improvement happens. Reported bugs, release notes, feedback of tester, feedback from the client are some of the artifacts that are expected to flow in here.








Ideyatech offers you a unique testing proposition. By only selecting what types of testing are valuable and fit to your software needs, this improves the cost effectiveness far more.

You get to choose your own testing services, giving you the edge of being cost effective and capturing highly specific services that is tailored to your needs. For example, if your needs is on functional testing side, we can come up with a functional-heavy testing services to help you deliver quality software, functionality-wise.



We do also provide offshore deployment of our highly skilled testers which helps your organization define and achieve ‘quality’ software. Because at the end of the day, quality differs on most organizations.







  • Communication skills

    Filipinos take pride when communicating in English. We believe that in order to have a successful product, it should start with a clear understanding of the features of the product hence communication skill is a must.

  • Pool of dedicated software testers

    We have a pool of testers that the client can choose depending on the skills and experience needed for their own unique projects.

  • Diversified skillset

    We don’t limit ourselves to one testing type, instead we are specializing in different testing approaches. This is how our testers isn’t just testers. We are multi-functional, hybrid and flexible individuals that can perform indirect/direct testing across all phases of software development, regardless of methodology used. All done for quality.

  • Cost effective resources

    The clients will get what they pay for or even more of that, mainly because of the value that the tester will bring in to the team. We are not just testers who just performs test but rather a team member who does every little bit of everything to help the team deliver the software with quality and on target.

  • Faster time-to-market

    Faster delivery of product to market due to the omission of product bugs prevented and detected by our software testers. Our ability to deduct what could be wrong right in the planning/design phase of the product greatly reduces the number of bugs during the development up to the production period.

  • Experience in software testing

    We’re not new in this industry, in fact, we’re already providing testing services to our partner clients as well as our internal teams that develop our own products. And now, we’re offering this service to you!





Need help in using automation to accelerate software testing in your projects? Let’s talk!