The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing – 2: Why Outsourcing May Not Be for You

Offshore outsourcing is a brilliant business strategy for many businesses. Gartner analysts predict that offshore outsourcing will rise by 8.9% in 2008, and the trend will continue on to 2009. However, it is not (yet) a perfect solution to various business issues and requirements. Before engaging the services of vendors, whether by offshore or onshore outsourcing…


READ this BEFORE you start working on ACEGI

May 2007 Blogged by Allan Tan

I’ve seen several implementations of ACEGI on enterprise applications. However, I’ve never setup one myself until earlier today… At first, I was quite frustrated with the spring configuration as none seems to work. After looking at several articles online, I get more frustrated as everyone talks about different syntax. So, I’ve thought of writing down […]


Freedom Over Security

November 2006 Blogged by Allan Tan

It’s been quite a personal struggle for me to choose between freedom against security. Freedom pushes me hard to be creative and explore the unknown but the risk is high. If none of the creativity works, failure is immediate. On the other hand, security reduces risk of failure as financial income is consistent. I’ve tried […]


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