Redefining Developer Roles

September 2008 Blogged by Allan Tan

Redefining Developer Roles

Ideyatech, we’ve always wanted to be agile, creative and a pro-active software development company. We never intended to be like any other outsourcing company who provides cookie cutters. To start off our difference – we redefined the developer titles and roles. We’ve classified our developers into: Codester, Codesmith & Codemaster…


Elegance in Approach – The Art in Software Programming

December 2007 Blogged by Allan Tan

Elegance in Approach Another form of art in programming is the approach or architectural design. This topic requires strong technical background and experience, but still, designing your architecture requires artistic skills. There are many ways to skin a cat, so is there to design an architecture. Although design patterns help standardize approaches in software programming, […]


Another Fun Day at J2EE Training

November 2007 Blogged by Allan Tan

We had fun at J2EE training today, JM talked about YUI, prototype, Script.aculo.us and Dojo. These javascript toolkits surely know their way around the javascript quirks that’s been perstering lots of developers with browser incompatibilities. I agree that these toolkits help a lot in making more stable javascript codes. Some pictures taken from the training: […]


J2EE Training at ideyatech – Day 1

October 2007 Blogged by Allan Tan

Today is the first day of our J2EE training. Everybody’s excited to become the first batch of the 3 months extensive training program. The training will cover open-source Java frameworks such as Spring, Struts, Hibernate, iBatis, etc. We will also cover newer technologies such as YUI, DWR. It’s going to be a tough but fun […]


ideyatech – Who are we?

August 2007 Blogged by Allan Tan

While I can describe ideyatech as a company by what we do, what we specialize and who among the Fortune 500 are our clients, it doesn’t give justice to the people who committed themselves and worked hard everyday to satisfy our clients and bring us to where we are now. Instead, I’d like to describe […]


Freedom Over Security

November 2006 Blogged by Allan Tan

It’s been quite a personal struggle for me to choose between freedom against security. Freedom pushes me hard to be creative and explore the unknown but the risk is high. If none of the creativity works, failure is immediate. On the other hand, security reduces risk of failure as financial income is consistent. I’ve tried […]


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