Giving for a Cause: Ideyatech’s Way of Giving Back to the Community

January 2012 Blogged by Maria Lourdes Espinas

Giving for a Cause: Ideyatech's Way of Giving Back to the Community

Starting the year 2012 right!!! New Year comes with new hopes and new dreams. Everyone has their own ‘New year’s resolutions”, new hopes for a better year ahead, new plans and goals to accomplish for the year. Even if the holiday season has just ended, the spirit of giving shouldn’t stop from there.


Celebration for a Cause

November 2010 Blogged by Arjay Nacion

Celebration for a Cause

This year, Ideyatech celebrated its 3rd year anniversary; another year of success and fruitful ideas. Instead of celebrating it the usual way, we decided to do it differently this time. As a way of celebrating our anniversary, the company decided to share the blessings we had and connect to those who are in need.


Ideyatech’s Outreach Program

December 2009 Blogged by Philip Lim

Ideyatech's Outreach Program

Following the events of Ondoy and Pepeng a few months ago, and in celebration of the spirit of Christmas, SQME and Ideyatech decided to do something different by hosting an activity that would be socially relevant and fulfilling at the same time. This year, Pangarap Shelter Foundation was chosen as the sponsor institution for this event.


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