Introduction to AngularJS Framework

November 2013 Blogged by Chastine Bayubay

AngularJS Framework on Single Page Applications

The goal of many modern web application developers these days is to create an app that will give the users a desktop-app-like experience . For that thing to happen, they abstracted the multiple page reloads in a typical web application and just made it to load a single page and do everything else inside it. This type of design is called Single Page Application or Single Page Interface.


Google TechTalk Manila

November 2007 Blogged by Allan Tan

Today, Jaycobb and I attended the Google Techtalk at AIM Conference Center. Like Jaycobb said, “it’s good to know that Google employees are human after all – and not androids”. Sure it was fun meeting Jay and Franklin, Google engineers from MountainView, but what catches my attention is that these 2 guys are Pinoys and […]


Integrating Google Maps with Yahoo Geo-Coding

May 2006 Blogged by Allan Tan

At ideyatech, we have recently integrated an application with Google Maps to graphically display key locations. The process is quite simple. Google made Javascript APIs that can be easily integrated with existing codes. Amazingly, this nifty feature can be implemented with less than 15 lines of code. The first step is to sign up for […]


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