CEO Allan Tan goes to Intelligent Automation Summit 2017

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Intelligence Automation

Last August 2, 2017, Ideyatech CEO, Allan Tan went to Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago for the Intelligent Automation Summit. Over 150 Managers & Directors from different industries such as Banking, IT, Manufacturing, Transportation, as well as Food and beverage joined the said summit. The 4th Intelligent Automation covered stories from various industries that involves RPA, AI technologies, cognitive, Call Centers and other functional departments.


Is Replacing People with Robots Unethical?

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AI ethics

As the speed of AI development continues, brilliant minds across the globe have expressed their concerns with this advancement. Ellon Musk, Bill Gates, as well as Stephen Hawking, have warned us about the posing risks and dangers that come with Artificial Intelligence. In this article, you will understand some of the risks and benefits with AI and robots.


What are the advantages of AI in our lives?

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AI advantages

AI means Artificial Intelligence. It is the beginning of the 5th generation of computers. The goal of the said generation is to develop devices that will react to natural language input and are basically capable of understanding and learning. While the level of AI improves it also increases its compentency, thus making them capable of handling more complex tasks for humans.


The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Automation

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robot android women

With the widespread integration of Automation and Artificial Intelligence on different fields, productivity on labor works has greatly increased. Opportunities, efficiency, security & safety are some of the things that these evolving and expanding technology offers. Let us understand the difference of Artificial Intelligence and Automation and how it is helping the human lives.