Rise of the Internet and Mobile

The massive popularity of wireless computing devices is exactly the reason why there are so many new mobile apps being launched each year. Created specifically for smartphones and tablets, mobile apps even make excellent tools in promoting brands (product/service/organization).

Countless business owners and senior-level executives are taking advantage of having their own mobile app developed for their business/organization. Would you like to know why?

Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App

Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App

A customized business app will help you stay on top of daily operations, reaching more customers while keeping minimum operational, sales and marketing expenses. It’s a great business tool that works well for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Premium mobile app development companies like Ideyatech even offer an All-in-One mobile solution for SMEs. With mobile POS (Point-of-Sales) integrated with cloud-based inventory, accurate live business data can be easily accessible anytime, anywhere. It helps business owners make daily informed decisions while spending more time with the family.

How We Can Help You with Our Mobile App Development Services

How We Can Help You With Our Mobile Software Development Services

If you are interested about the idea of having a mobile app for your business, email us today at info@ideyatech.com.

We will assign a dedicated Mobile App Development Team complete with Developers and QA/Software Tester/Tech Support who will ensure you will get a fully-functional, brilliant app that will help increase your sales, improve operations, increase business value, and build customer loyalty.

Ideyatech is a Java software development company full of talented and dedicated IT professionals with knowledge and skills in different Java technologies like Spring MVC, HTML5, Javascript, PhoneGap, Android and iOS, and more! We specialize in enterprise Java and building creative mobile apps for business that are user-friendly, cloud-based and cost-effective.

To give you an outlook of what’s happening in the mobile app development economy, here’s an article, “On the Rise: Trends in Outsourced Mobile Development” with Mobile App Trends 2015 Report.

Still undecided? Check out this infographic on how mobile is now changing business.

mobile is changing business [Infographic]