Software Services

Our Services

We are an ideal outsourcing partner for organizations seeking quality software development services. We specialize in the use of the following Java technologies.

  • HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap
  • JSP/Servlets, Angular.js
  • Struts, Spring MVC, Spring, GWT, JSF, Oracle ADF, Play! Framework
  • Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus, REST and Web Services
  • Hibernate/JPA, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Couchbase, MongoDB, Google BigTable
  • Amazon Cloud Services, Google App Engine
  • Phonegap, Android and IOS for Mobile Applications

We provide software development services via outsourcing and consulting, whereby we run an entire software development team on our site, complete with project managers, Java developers, software QA analysts, and production support staff; or we deploy programmers to our client site as consultants.

Quality of service is guaranteed as we keep our staff well-trained, our process well-defined, and our tools well-utilized.

To know more, select methodology, agile, spring, java or better yet, just contact us.

Our Products

We believe in innovation and contribution. To justify, we share our experience to the community and have developed reusable tools/platforms that are released as open-source.

  • Acasa is an online workplace that allows you to work anywhere in the world and reach the same level of collaboration and productivity as working together in an office.
  • Attaché is a case management tool that simplifies and hastens administrative work by efficiently organizing case records, quickly providing case details, efficiently monitoring case events, and effectively captures workload and summary reports.
  • Open-tides is a web foundation framework that can be used to quickly setup a web-based application using Spring MVC and JPA.