Monstar Lab PH guys were at the Software Conference 2017

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Monstar Lab PH actively participated in the recently concluded software conference 2017 organized by the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA).Monstar Lab PH softcon booth

Last October 24, the PSIA once again gathered the largest crowd of IT professionals to promote and celebrate the world-class products and services of the Philippines’ Information Technology industry. The event was held at the SMX Convention Center Aura.

Around 900 delegates participated the whole-day event packed with keynote speeches from the best guys in the tech industry (both local and abroad), breakout sessions for technical learning, and various exhibitions showcasing the latest innovations of the industry’s key players.

Monstar Lab PH participated as an exhibitor and by sending its software developers, analysts, and UI/UX designers as delegates. Let’s hear from them…

“Having attended for the first time, I expected to learn more about machine learning and the current state of the Philippines’ software industry. To my satisfaction, most of the speakers discussed  Artificial Intelligence and what we could expect in the years to come. It was enlightening to learn that even if we, as humans, fear the future of Artificial Intelligence and how machines would potentially rise against us, we are partially accountable should that happen since we are the ones who feed information and data that machines eventually learn and adapt from. It is important to keep in mind that we should be responsible individuals in these exhilarating technological times.”  – Mark

I really liked how they arranged topics from Technical, Non-Technical, Design, Developer, QA Tracks, and Agile Talks. The speakers specifically on the Agile Talks were very informative and taught practical techniques rather than theory.” – Gab

I chose to hear from one of the speakers who discussed how to be an awesome engineer where I learned that an engineer must have a goal to not just run, clean and optimize codes but also to make a software application useful. I also entered a room where Sir Allan Tan discussed about RPA and the importance of automation and a room where Casper Rasmussen, one of our visitors last time, who talked about Native vs. Hybrid mobile development and its application to real-life projects. Many other useful and interesting topics were also discussed in other rooms that gave an idea or a deep understanding to not just developers but also to designers and testers.” – Clarissa

The highlight of the concluded 2017 was the discussion on the progress of the country’s IT industry along with opportunities and challenges that face industry players. With the goal of preparing the industry to capture a larger share of the global outsourcing market, some vital issues were discussed. Topics include the level of competitiveness of the Filipino IT talent, the entry of AI, and the impact of constantly evolving technology on employment and the economy.

Overall, the event was successful with fantastic breakout sessions and delegates’ active participation.

The Philippines’ IT industry leaders are very optimistic that the Philippines is now set for strong growth!


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Monstar Lab PH joins 2017 Software Conference Manila Philippines  Monstar Lab PH booth during Software Conference 2017  Monstar Lab booth during software conferene 2017

Monstar Lab PH Allan Tan on intelligent automation topic  breakout session for technical learning  breakout session during softconph 2017

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