Java UI Trends – who’s gaining popularity?

October 2008 Blogged by Allan Tan

Here’s some statistical analysis as to popularity of recent web technologies in Java. By comparing the searches performed between Struts 2, JSF, Spring MVC and JBoss Seam using Google Trends, it appears that Struts 2 is gaining traction among Java developers while JSF started to lose ground since mid-2007. Searches for Spring MVC and JBoss Seam are increasing but at a slow pace.

On the other hand, jQuery is becoming popular amount Ajax Frameworks. YUI, Dojo and Prototype are roughly equal and jQuery has dramatically surpassed all other frameworks since early this year.

If you’re interested how the graph were generated, try the links below:

Struts 2 vs. JSF vs. JBoss Seam vs. Spring MVC

YUI vs. Prototype vs. JQuery vs. Dojo

UPDATE [2008-09-13]

Here’s an updated graph on Java technologies as commented below.

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