Our Vision

To be globally recognized in building creative software applications.

Our Core Values

  • Leadership. We are the best in what we do.
  • Execute. We deliver.
  • Agility. We love change.
  • Passion. We believe and love what we do.
  • Integrity. We are true and nothing else.

Our Company

Ideyatech, Inc. is a Java software development company in Manila, Philippines. We are an ideal software development outsourcing partner for organizations seeking quality app development services. Our clientele is composed of companies big and small, from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

Developing application using Java and open­source technology is our focus—which enables us to keep a deeper knowledge of the Java platform as well as provide a faster and more reliable programming service. We apply Agile development methodology, allowing us to provide faster turnaround on software applications and better-tested systems.

Our Management Team

Allan C. Tan, President and CEO of Ideyatech, Inc.

Allan Tan, SCEA, CSM

Chief Executive Officer and Lead Visionary

Allan founded Ideyatech with the pure passion of developing unique and productive solutions. Backed with a professional experience of more than a decade from organizations such as Accenture, EB2 International, Alvion Technologies, and more. This exposure has given him a mastery of software development.

Allan is a techno­preneur by heart. Driven by his passion to contribute and innovate, he founded Ideyatech with the vision of building creative software applications. He has dedicated his career on information technology in the last 15 years and has developed mastery of the art of software development – true for both the technical and management aspects of it.

Previous to Ideyatech, he had worked in diverse organizations, from small start­ups to large multi­national companies, including Accenture. Allan has also adapted to various cultural workplaces in countries like United States, Australia, Japan, Brazil, United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.

He graduated with honors from De La Salle University and is an active member of Philippine Software Industry Association. Allan is also the director of Founder Institute in Manila and a regional ambassador of TechViewAsia.

Joselyn T. Capistrano, Chief Operations Officer of Ideyatech, Inc.

Elyn Capistrano

Chief Operating Officer and Process Guru

As a co­founder of Ideyatech, Elyn brings to the table her extensive 20 years of management experience in multinational organizations such as Citibank, ABN­AMRO, NCR Corp., Interim Technology Asia and United Laboratories. As the only Filipino certified SCAMPI Appraiser, SEI Authorized CMMI Instructor and CBA – IPI Lead Assessor, she has helped multinational organizations CMMI accreditation for the past 10 years in her capacity as the concurrent CEO of SQME Professionals Inc.

Elyn is one of the country’s champion in Business Optimization methodologies such as CMMI, ISO, and Six Sigma. Elyn champions the group’s Quality Assurance and Business Optimizations endeavors.

Our History

The founders started the company with the vision of developing world­class applications that are tailor fit to serve specific target markets. With its humble beginnings of sharing an office space, Ideyatech has grown to maintain a solid list of loyal clients that fueled its growth organically.

In 2009, Ideyatech released its home­grown framework called “Open­Tides” to the open source community. This framework has allowed its development efficiency to increase to as much as 45%.

In 2011, Ideyatech endeavored to build a product called Attaché. It is designed to be the sum of all lessons and experiences gained from working alongside legal and judicial organizations in the country. Today, Ideyatech continues to work with the Judiciary and its client organizations as the solutions provider of choice, towards modernization and judicial reform.

Currently, Ideyatech maintains more than 50 full-time regular employees and has Ideyatech mastered the triumvirate of people, process, and technology expertise needed to run the complete outsourcing package.