Our Value Proposition

We offer the best software development experience because:

  • We have a platform that allows our software development team to develop enterprise web applications and mobile apps faster and better.
  • Our software engineers are focused and experienced in enterprise Java technology.
  • Our high-performance agile methodology allows fixed­ cost projects to be developed in an agile environment.

Development Best Practices

Our company is a strong believer and advocate of high-performance Agile/Scrum methodology. Using agile approaches, we have successfully delivered software for initial release within 2 months. Through our years of experience, we find the following best practices in software development useful.

  • Get feedback early; use prototype and screen mockup.
  • Focus on the minimum viable product; prioritize the core functionalities.
  • Establish automated build process; setup source code monitoring.
  • Commit source codes daily, but don’t break the build.
  • Schedule releases into three-week sprints; with weekly build review.

As for project team structure, we normally assign a project coordinator who is the single point of contact responsible for communicating with project stakeholders and the project team. The typical software development team is composed of a project manager, full­time software developers, part­-time designers, and software QA testers in order to cover all aspects needed in the software development.

As an offshore software development partner, we follow methodology preferred by our clients should they require our software development team to do the same. We also understand how to work with geographically distributed development teams using the latest tools.

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