Company History

The founders started the company with the vision of developing world­class applications that are tailor fit to serve specific target markets. With its humble beginnings of sharing an office space, Ideyatech has grown to maintain a solid list of loyal clients that fueled its growth organically.


Ideyatech Founder, Allan Tan, started working on some IT projects as freelancer along with part-time developers.


Ideyatech started offering software development services using Java technology, and hired its first batch of Java engineers. The company has grown to 7 full-time engineers, and working on Case Management Project for the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG). The system allowed OSG to achieve ISO-2001 certified for handling case-related documents.


Ideyatech, Inc. grown to 22 employees and moved to a new office facility. At the same time, company started to work with more foreign clients in the US and UK.


Ideyatech, Inc. was contracted by USAID and American Bar Association to help build Case Management System for Court of Appeals, Court of Tax Appeals and Small Claims Cases for Supreme Court. The company has grown to over 30 engineers.


Due to the success of our Case Management System, Ideyatech developed eCourt which will be the foundation for electronic court system planned for the Philippines Judiciary. At the same time, presence of Ideyatech in Australia and Middle East starts to grow.

2013 – 2016

Ideyatech has grown to work with various government agencies including Department of Agrarian Reform, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Government Services Insurance System, Office of the President, and more. By end of 2016, the company has more than 60 engineers working on various government and foreign projects.


Ideyatech partnered with MonstarLab Group from Japan to continue its growth in the global software development scene.

Today, Ideyatech has more than 80 engineers and continues to grow as we build expertise and experience towards delivering quality software applications.