CEO Allan Tan goes to Intelligent Automation Summit 2017

August 2017 Blogged by Irish Trazona

Last August 2, Ideyatech CEO, Allan Tan went to Chicago for the Intelligent Automation Summit.

Over 150 Managers & Directors from different industries such as Banking, IT, Manufacturing, Transportation, as well as Food and beverage joined the said summit.

.Some of the topics that were discussed are:

  • Change Management Initiatives that Ensure Smooth RPA Program Transition & Delivery
  • How to Develop an Effective RPA Business Case
  • Methods to Ensure Successful Intelligent Automation Vendor Sourcing, Onboarding & Collaborations
  • Bots’ Cost & ROI
  • How to Develop & Manage a Successful Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence

Here are some of the photos that were taken by our CEO:

Intelligent Automation 5

Intelligent Automation 1

Intelligent Automation 3Intelligent Automation 2Intelligent Automation 4



Intelligent Automation 6










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