The Drift to Offshore Software Development

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offshore software development

Software development jobs has been consistently increasing in demand. With its competitive compensation and continuous growth, no wonder students are leaning on this side of the IT industry. Outsourcing of Software development has been around for quite some time. Nonetheless there is still a popular demand for local developers. Some companies understand the benefits of employing local developers regardless of the costs. But why do more companies choose to Offshore software development?


The latest gesture control technology product: Spark

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Spark offers a lot of features including intelligent flight control options, mechanical gimbal, & camera with great image quality. It also has a vision system, satellite positioning system and 3d sensing system and of course, the gesture control technology. This technology combination is not yet seen on other drone manufacturing companies. Thus, putting DJI on top of the line.


The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Automation

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robot android women

With the widespread integration of Automation and Artificial Intelligence on different fields, productivity on labor works has greatly increased. Opportunities, efficiency, security & safety are some of the things that these evolving and expanding technology offers. Let us understand the difference of Artificial Intelligence and Automation and how it is helping the human lives.