MonstarLab QA Competes at Testathon PH!

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We all know what a hackathon is right? It’s a pretty fun event that’s usually for developers only. But how about the testers? Enter Testathon. It is basically a hackathon for testers as described by its organizers.

Testathon event in Manila, Philippines

In Testathon – Manila Chapter, several testers from different companies across Manila were handpicked via a screening process by the organizers to form ‘Manila’s best testers’ to participate in a software testing competition in a chance to win awesome prizes and awards for F-R-E-E.

This event is supported by Facebook, and naturally, the apps that will be tested are related to Facebook apps.

Unfortunately, we can’t disclose the specifics of the applications under test, due to our signed privacy agreement with the organizers and Facebook.


The best testers of Manila can select what apps they want to test then form a group with other testers – mostly you don’t personally know! A really nice way to connect with co-testers from different organizations.

testathon event competing teams


Then after some briefing and introduction by the Testathon and Facebook team, the testing competition officially starts!

hackathon for testers competition

The competition is divided into three different rounds, Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3.
A participant can have the chance to test different applications per round.
After 3 rounds of testing, winners of these awards were announced.

Some of the awards that were up for grabs are:
  • Best Team
  • Best QA
  • Best QA Runner-Up
  • Best Bug
  • Best Insight
  • Best Quality Bug Report
  • And many more


The whole experience was really awesome! It is really one of my best days as a tester.


Got the chance to collaborate with co-testers from different organizations…

MonstarLab QA Kevin with his team

Got to test my skills in a competitive scene…

MonstarLab QA Kevin Clay Badilla participated in testathon event

Had some interactions with Facebook developers…

MonstarLab QA Kevin and his team with Facebook developers

And by some sheer luck (preparation + opportunity), I got home with some awards with me:
Monstar Lab QA Kevin got some awards at Testathon event
Best team awardee: Team 7!


Best QA and Best Team awards of Kevin and his team at Testathon event
The bacon I brought home with! Best QA – Runner-up and Best Team awardee! Plus cool prizes and swags! 


Shout out to Team 7 and Team 10, the teams where I luckily joined in. It was a pleasure meeting and competing with you guys!

Massive thanks to the people behind Testathon – Manila for bringing this awesome event to us, Filipino Testers. From organizing to executing and for the amazing prizes!

Happy testing!


Want to bring this winning attitude to your testing team? Give MonstarLab QA a bump at and see how we can help your team!

Photo credit:
Derick Mag-isa (one of my coolest teammates, too!)

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