The Drift to Offshore Software Development

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[Updated: Jan. 15, 2019]

Outsourcing of Software development has been around for quite some time. Why Companies Choose Philippines for Offshore Software DevelopmentNonetheless, there is still a popular demand for local developers. Some companies understand the benefits of employing local developers regardless of the costs. But why do more companies choose to offshore software development?

There are a number of features of software development that is available for outsourcing. This includes web design, programming, and testing. Offshoring’s main objective is to reduce cost and shift focus for internal staff and is more well-known in big companies that already or will have foreign dealings.

The cost savings corresponding with a business offshoring its software development is assigned to the software engineers outside of the developed countries being compensated less than their counterparts in developed countries. As a result, this will involve a reduction in their own software staffing requirements thus reducing operating costs.

Given that the offshore company has started adopting the new trends of changes in the software industry, miscommunications will be at a lower risk as quick strategies and methodology compensate with periodic meetings and centers on cohesive teamwork.

Software development in the Philippines

Software development is one of the greater established sub-sectors of the Philippines IT and IT Enabled Services industry. With more than 3 decades of experience, the reputation it has built for the quality of work & efficiency of service will continue to make the Philippines an ideal destination for investments in software development.

The size of the industry isn’t as big as what India have. However, the service that local software development companies (SDCs) provide approximates that of their bigger counterparts. Local developers have shown beyond doubt that they are competent with delivering services and products that meet the stern global standards.

In terms of percentage of companies certified in ISO/CMMI, the Philippines ranked higher than India according to the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA)

Advantage that goes beyond tech

The Philippines is also fast becoming one of the top of mind countries for offshore development. This is largely due to continuous growth of technical capabilities and skills of local talent, and more importantly, the good command of the English language. Making it easier to engage and effectively communicate with overseas counterparts.

Next to technical skills, communication skills come as a close second in the checklist as the success of the project hinges on effective communication between parties involved. And of course, Filipinos has always been known across the globe to be hardworking individuals, people you can count on. Given all these traits, it’s no surprise that the Philippines has steadily gained the trust of global enterprises looking for offshore tech partners.

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