The latest gesture control technology product: Spark

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What is Spark?spark drone with gesture control technology

Spark is the latest consumer-grade mini drone. It was recently released by the market leader of easy-to-fly drones, DJI. Just like the previous drones released by DJI, Spark uses different advanced signature technologies that make smart flying simple.

Spark offers a lot of features including intelligent flight control options, mechanical gimbal, & camera with great image quality. It also has a vision system, satellite positioning system and 3d sensing system and of course, the gesture control technology. This technology combination is not yet seen on other drone manufacturing companies. Thus, putting DJI on top of the line.


How does gesture control/recognition work?

Gesture recognition is the mathematical interpretation of a human movement by a device. Gesture recognition, with eye tracking, lip motion/ voice/facial recognition, are components of a perceptual user interface (PUI).

Instead of typing with keys or tapping on a touch screen, a motion sensor perceives and interprets movements as the primary source of data input. This is the result between the time a gesture is made and the computer reacts. A camera feeds image data into a sensing device that is connected to a computer.

The technology also has the capacity to modify the way users interact with computers by removing the need of input devices such as joysticks, mice, and keyboards. Thus, allowing the body to give signals to the computer through gestures such as finger pointing.

You can see from the gifs below how Spark is being controlled through gesture control. This will make you feel like the force is with you.

Here’s Michael Perry during the launch of DJI Spark doing a demo:

Moving the drone from left to right

Asking the drone to back 10 feet away.


Calling the drone to come near.


Pushing away and pulling the drone nearer.



spark components and gesture control spark gesture control in the air spark powerful gesture control technology spark mechanical gimbal stabilization






spark with powerful lens

spark with high performance camera spark drone






To know more about the DJI Spark, visit the DJI website.



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