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Sikuli is a scripting application used to automate anything that can be seen on the screen. sikuli icon

Here’s how it started:
In 2009, it started as an open-source research project at the User Interface Design Group at MIT by Tsung-Hsian Chang and Tom Yeh. In 2012, Chang and Yeh left the project at Sikuli-X-1.0rc3. Raimund Hocke (aka RaiMan) took over development and support and renamed the project as SikuliX. 1.1.1 is the latest version released for SikuliX

What is SikuliX?
• Everything you see on the screen of your desktop computer can be automated.
• Runs on some Linux/Unix distributions, Windows, & Mac.
• Uses image identification supported by control GUI components & OpenCV.
• Can run the mouse and keyboard to interact with identified GUI elements. This feature is accessible for remote systems & multi-motor environments.
• Can be used to search text in images & comes with basic text recognition (OCR). The feature is supported by Tesseract.
• SikuliX supports these scripting languages:
– Python 2.7
– RobotFramework text-scripts
– Ruby language level 1.9 and 2.0
– Java
• Python is the current scripting language that SikuliX is using.

Using SikuliX API in your Java programs or Java Aware scripting
You can use the SikuliX API as a standard Java library in your program. This is because SikuliX’s core is written in Java. Hence, this can be done to any of the Java-aware scripting environment where you write your scripts in other IDE’s and run them using the respective runtime supports accordingly.

When is SikuliX useful?
SikuliX is convenient in testing applications or web pages. Furthermore, it is useful when you are creating usage documentation or training materials. It is also suitable for automating repetitive tasks like daily usage of applications or web pages, playing games, and importantly, administration of IT systems and networks.

How can I get SikuliX?
You can download SikuliX from SikuliX’s Launchpad page: Get the latest version by selecting sikulixsetup-1.1.1.jar (md5). Run the downloaded jar file to install the SikuliX app and IDE. Remember that you will need a JRE installation with version 7 or 8.





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