Game App Squid Smash: Keep Calm and Smash Squids!

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Need some time off from brain racking activities or serious discussions? Want a little distraction? Try our new simple Android game app Squid Smash. Keep calm and smash some squids!

whack a mole game app squid smash


About the Game App “Squid Smash”

It’s a whack-a-mole game where you tap squids to score points.

Avoid hitting the girl! If you hit the girl, it’s game over! The squids will get faster as you score. Your score will be shown when the game is over. Start tapping today!

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More About the Game and Developer

Our very own software developer Marvin is also a hobbyist game developer. He plays the piano and is a fan of pixel art.

This simple Android game features cute graphics, scoring, and very simple mechanics.

Marvin developed this game using Java and LibGDX (a cross-platform game development framework).



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