On the Rise: Trends in Outsourced Mobile Development

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Everyone loves apps. It just makes life so much easier, that’s why more and more people are using their mobile devices to do practically anything.

Mobile App Development Market

To have an outlook of what’s happening in the mobile software development economy and what’s in store for 2015, industry players were interviewed and the result shows that most mobile development companies (75%) feel that the app economy will only grow.

mobile apps platform market share

Right off, 65% of the interviewed companies revealed that more than half of their revenues come from mobile app development. IOS app builder and Android specialists are head to head at 25% and 26% market share, with Windows Phone trailing at 13%. About 20% catered to all three platforms while 12% dealt with enterprise mobile application development. A majority (70%) believe that a smart watch will remain a toy while only 5% specialize in Internet of Things development.

mobile development companies revenue source

Start-ups and small businesses are the source of 37% and 30% of business respectively. However, 75% of companies believe start-ups will continue to send business their way. Enterprise builders make up 23% while hobbyists contribute 10% to revenues.

It is also interesting that a majority of customers are largely clueless about what SDKs and APIs they can use in their mobile apps. Although 50% of apps built have at least one and up to 5 SDKs, and each SDK has one or more API, only 10% of customers understand the advantages. A Java software development company can do much more customization with the right SDKs and APIs in place.

About 10% are gearing up for the domination of html5 mobile app development within 3 years with the rest believing the OS landscape will remain static with Oracle, IBM, SAP, and Sales Force dominating the field roughly 20% each of the market share. However, enterprise mobile players agree that all other methodologies, including Agile development, which currently takes 20% of the market share, can change the game considerably in 2015.


Trend in Development Costs

With regards to development costs, 52% and 58% of developers expect that Android and iOS mobile app development prices respectively will increase by as much as 10% in 2015 while 14% and 9% respectively think the price will go down by as much as 10%.

A good 44% of cross-platform app development companies also believe prices will go up, mostly because companies use lightweight platforms for faster and better services. This places a premium on customers seeking enterprise solutions for mobile app building. Ideyatech, for example, can deliver a working software within two months using the Agile methodology which is essential for enterprise mobile development and better-tested systems.


If you are considering ideas for app development, consult with software development professionals at Ideyatech to get a better idea of what you can expect.


Mobile App Trends Source: The Makers Speak 2015 Report by ContractIQ

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5 thoughts on “On the Rise: Trends in Outsourced Mobile Development

  1. Great article. Hi, I am an mobile app developer myself in Melbourne Australia called Your Phone APP and yes, many of my clients are finding more and more that their customers are using their mobile app to make a booking enquiry, purchase through the app, respond to the Push Notifications such as receiving daily specials, attend events, actively use the loyalty reward programs and much more.

    Many businesses are having a mobile phone app developed more and more everyday due to the knowledge of them and Apple iTunes and Android having great platforms.

    I read an article recently where there more 850 mobile apps per second being downloaded around the world and 1 million smart phones being activated around the world every day.

    Many businesses I interact with who have a mobile phone app find them interactive because they can send unlimited Free Push Notifications to their customers and also attach a link to their news letters and so much more including the ability to attend an event and accept them via their mobile app.

    Having a web site is still essential to have for a business for market presence, e-commerce platforms, business information and heaps more, however a business can’t interact directly with their customers from their site such as sending them messages like you can in an app via Push Notifications.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Michael. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights as a mobile app developer.

  3. Technology never ceases to amaze me. Every other say there are new developments and even more interesting things being talked about for future. Endless possibilities makes me even more curious. Wonderful insights here at you blog. Shall keep watching this space for more! 🙂

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