Tips for Effective Software Testing

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Tips for Effective Software Testing

Software Testing is an unlimited dimension on software development. Countless possibilities can be executed and tested on software testing. With limited time and resources, how can a tester maximize his effort through these limiting factors? Let’s take a look on some tips on how a Tester can test effectively:

  1. First things First – High Priority Bugs should be prioritized on testing. These bugs have greater impact on the system and usually, it takes up more time in terms of testing. Mainly due to the complexity of the bug or perhaps the level of significance of it to the end-users.
  2. Descriptive Bug Reports – Creating clear and straight to the point Bug Reports can reduce iterations within the team. Further clarifications between Testers and Developers that consumes Time can be lessened if the Bug Report is easy to understand.
  3. Pessimist Thinking – It’s important to bear in mind that there is always a loophole in the system. This drives the tester to have the strong intention of finding bugs but;
  4. Know When to Stop – There’s no perfect system, but at least, try to reach near it. If the system had already complied with the requirements and the certain level of confidence has been reached, then the testing can be halted.
  5. Communicate Well – When you’re talking with Developers, make sure that you discuss issues to them clearly. It’ll reduce discussion iterations, provides smooth conversations and improves your credibility as a tester.
  6. Test beyond Requirements – After checking the software if it’s complied with the requirements, it is good to check what the system can do beyond the specified requirements. Bugs usually appear on this process.
  7. Automated Test Cases are like Software – that should be maintained. Changes are inevitable thus modifications on scripts and test cases should be done to enable your test cases be useful through time and system revisions.
  8. Think on Idle Time – It’s a good opportunity to formulate test scenarios while waiting for the upcoming bug fixes to be tested. Read the requirements or specifications and let your mind wonder. With this, ideas will eventually pop-up like mushrooms.
  9. Have a Break! – Sometimes software testing could be a monotonous process and you’ll start to feel being burnt out. Take a break and let your mind relax for a while. This can do wonders as it helps your mind to shake its stress away and get back on track again.
  10. Raise Questions – A Creative mind will always have the output in the form of Questions. “Why is that..?”, “How come that..?”, “What should be..?” are some of the questions that a tester should ask. Though it’s a rule of thumb for us to get justice on each of our questions regardless how important or how silly it would be, just make sure that each of your questions has a good point to tackle. Or else, those questions won’t be entertained.
  11. Join Online Forums – It’s nice to have buddies who you can ask and share a thing or two about Software Testing. No matter what you are in the forum, you’ll still definitely get something. If you just wander around, you’ll get information. If you help answering questions, then that can sharpen your knowledge. If you ask, then you’ll be given answers that you needed.
  12. Sharpen yourself – Attend Software Testing Trainings, Seminars or even take Certifications such as ISTQB certification and the likes. Undergoing these activities can sharply amplify your Software Testing skills thus greatly improving yourself as a Software Tester.

Aside from these, don’t forget to enjoy the pleasure of having a work like Software Testing. It’ll be your source of passion to keep you going every day. Happy Testing!

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  1. Nice points…………. as a tester I always search for these kinds of information. Thanks for sharing this such an useful tips on software testing and to improving my knowledge more. again thanks for sharing. keep up the great work!

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