Giving for a Cause: Ideyatech’s Way of Giving Back to the Community

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Starting the year 2012 right!!! New Year comes with new hopes and new dreams. Everyone has their own ‘New year’s resolutions”, new hopes for a better year ahead, new plans and goals to accomplish for the year. Even if the holiday season has just ended, the spirit of giving shouldn’t stop from there. There are always those who are less fortunate than we are and will appreciate our help all year round.

For this year, Ideyatech has chosen Pangarap Foundation Inc., a non-stock, non-profit social welfare institution based in Pasay City as our beneficiary. The foundation is working with boys ranging in age from 8 to 17, who are in need of special protection as well as with their families. It has been Ideyatech’s practice to have an annual Outreach Activity or Community Involvement, wherein we choose a nonprofit organization/ charitable institutions as our beneficiary. This activity is being promoted by Ideyatech’s CEO, Allan C. Tan – sharing to the community the success and blessings that the company has received.

The said Outreach event was held last January 14, 2012, Saturday at the Pangarap Foundation, Inc. compound in 2503 Taft Avenue corner Escobal Street, Pasay City. Ideyatech Employees and some family members and friends also participated in the said event. Like any other programs, we all started with a prayer led by our QA Lead, Cielo Navarro, followed by a warm welcoming remark from Brother Francis Tanega of Pangarap Foundation. Of course, the program wouldn’t be as fun and as lively if it wasn’t for our gorgeous, fun and energetic host, Leah Daplin.

It was a day of fun-filled activities for everyone, a lot of games has been prepared that made way for the Ideyatechies and Pangarap boys to interact and bond together. Everyone were just so excited and even our CEO, Mr. Allan Tan wasn’t exempted in joining the games. We started the game “The Longest Line” as warm up and it was totally a warm up game for the Pangarap boys! Participants of the game were so excited to win and some of them ended up almost naked laying down their things and clothes to put up the longest line.

The Longest Lineeeeeeeeeee

The 3 – legged Sack Race game even made things more exciting for us, it was a partnership in taking a hop and teamwork to finish and win the race.

Blow and Find the coin

Bring Me

Calamansi Relay, this must be the hardest game we’ve played, for it needs a good timing, focus and strategy.

The fun didn’t just stop there… The Pangarap Boys also showcase their talents and prepared some song and dance number for us. Some kids were just so talented, that even though they are not prepared, they were able to perform when some kids volunteered them!

Of course, Ideyatechies wouldn’t be left behind without showing what we’ve got! We had our representative too for the song number, Samer Valones who sang Jay Sean’s 2012. There was also a dance show down between Mark Anthony of Panagarap and Ideyatechies Rovie Abanes and Joan Lasola ..teaching them how to dougie!

The fun stuff, PRIZES and GIFT BAGS!!!!!

After giving away the gift bags, we then asked one of the Pangarap Boys, Mark Anthony to share his story to us, how he got there at foundation and how he is doing now. An Inspirational message from Sir Allan Tan was imparted to the kids. Encouraging them to continue dreaming and pursue their studies and that there would always be people who are very much willing to help and support them and their families to have a positive future.

During Lunch time, we got the opportunity to mingle and get to know more about the children, their stories, how they got in the shelter, how they got separated from their family, their ambitions, what they feel now that they are being taken care of at the shelter. The experience of getting to know them more was very heart-warming and an unforgettable one. Although we all have our own drama in life, I was just reminded and made me realized that I am far too lucky to have a family like mine who provided almost everything needed and wanted.

This Corporate Social Responsibility activity by Ideyatech, gave us the opportunity to take part with the responsibility to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Giving us self fulfillment in being a blessing and an inspiration to these children is indeed a wonderful experience.

These children from the Pangarap foundation will also serve as our inspiration in performing well at work and to be able to be of help to them or to the community.

“Sometimes small things we do can mean everything in another person’s life.”

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