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Last November 14-22, Ideyatech held technical training classes entitled “CMIS/SC2MS Platform Technologies”, the second of a three-part training program specifically designed to provide technical knowledge on operation and maintenance of case management systems developed by Ideyatech, Inc.

“CMIS/SC2MS Platform Technologies” focused on giving the attendees a background in using the technologies and framework used to develop the CMIS/SC2MS systems. Topics covered in this class included JPA Using Hibernate, the Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Open-Tides and Jasper Reports. The trainees were provided lecture handouts containing the presentation slides, along with an exercise manual with activities to support the lectures. The class consisted of a mix of lectures, discussions, and exercises. Lecture handouts containing the presentation slides were provided to the trainees, along with an exercise manual with activities to support the lectures.

Last June 2011, Ideyatech launched the first of this three-part training program, entitled “Java on the Web,” that focused on giving the attendees a background in using Java for web development. This class spanned 6 days and covered 3 major topics: basic Java concepts such as exception handling, collections, inheritance, encapsulation and naming conventions; basic web development concepts such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, YUI Reset-Fonts-Grids and JavaScript; and, Java web development concepts such as servlets, JSPs and JSTL.

Before the end of 2011, Ideyatech would have held the third and last part of the training program, entitled “Working with SC2MS/CMIS”. The focus of this class is to provide specific knowledge on SC2MS/CMIS implementation as well as exercises towards the maintaining of the system. This class will span 4 days and will be held at the site/office of the attendees. This class will focus on the application design, enhancements, and troubleshooting of their system.

These three parts comprise Ideyatech’s first training module effort offered to the public – the first of many more technical training programs for the upcoming year.

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