Ideyatech Announces Ideyatech Labs

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Ideyatech Announces Ideyatech Labs

Today marks another milestone for Ideyatech as the company officially announces Ideyatech Labs. It is the company’s product development and R&D arm aimed towards developing innovative software solutions to real-world problems. This momentous event shows that the company is serious in moving towards developing creative software applications.

“I’m excited that we have finally managed to get into product development. This has always been my dream and my passion,” said Mr. Allan Tan, CEO/President of Ideyatech, Inc. “Ideyatech Labs will be the center of excellence at Ideyatech and will further strengthen our technical knowledge,” he added.

Ideyatech Labs will focus its research on the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Developer Productivity Tools
  • Mobile Applications
The first product developed by Ideyatech Labs is Open-tides, a web framework aimed at helping developers speed up development. This product has been successfully used by Ideyatech in several enterprise applications and has also been contributed to the open source community. In addition, the group is launching Attaché — a legal case management system that addresses the unique administrative needs of the legal systems of the Philippines.

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