Celebration for a Cause

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This year, Ideyatech celebrated its 3rd year anniversary; another year of success and fruitful ideas.

Instead of celebrating it the usual way, we decided to do it differently this time. As a way of celebrating our anniversary, the company decided to share the blessings we had and connect to those who are in need. Last November 5, 2010, the Company set forth to Calauan, Laguna to lend a hand to Habitat For Humanity Int’l, a non-profit ecumenical Christian housing organization in one of its projects.

Habitat in cooperation with ABS-CBN Foundation revived a housing project in Calauan which was started by the former President Joseph Estrada almost 10 years ago. The project would serve as relocation for those families living along the banks of Pasig River. After years of inactivity, the project was revived for good and we’re glad to be part of the effort.

We arrived at the site around 10:00am and immediately started working after the short orientation. We helped them pile blocks for walls, build hollow blocks from scratch, and plastering of walls.

It’s a wonderful feeling doing these stuff which most of us are not quite used to. We get to appreciate the efforts these people are exerting in order to build homes for their fellowmen. We get to experience their work, shed sweat the same way and feel the pain we may never have felt before. In the end we realized, its worth the pain and effort as long as its for the betterment of our fellowmen.

With this event, we may have changed our definition of celebration, from the normal notion of “feast” to a more profound “sharing and lending hand”.

The Habitat for Humanity outreach is indeed a kick-ass way to celebrate our anniversary.

5 thoughts on “Celebration for a Cause

  1. Very good job, helping the less fortunate families build their houses,,mgging meri cgurado ang xmas nila,, continue sharing ur blessings ideyatech, more power!!!!

  2. Thanks! We do believe that we also have a corporate social responsibility to make this world a better place… even in our small ways.

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