Company Outing 2010

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If there’s one word to describe how people from this side of the world is currently feeling about the weather — I bet cool, freezing or cold will be such a surprise to hear cause summer in the Philippines has always been crazy HOT! Actually, with global warming and all, “crazy hot” is even an understatment.

It’s all good though cause brutal sunny days is definitely so much better than gloomy rainy ones. So while the scorching heat is in full effect we took advantage, have a lil break and what else could be much more fun than hitting the blue seas far away from the city!

This year, the company had its annual summer outing down south at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort located in Calatagan, Batangas. It’s a predominantly white sand, blue water resort 3-4 hours away from the city. Trip’s a lil exhausting, really, but the awesome scenery, the soothing scent of the ocean, everything — it’s all super worth it. Actually, reliving the memories as I’m writing this blog kind of brings back the relaxing feeling I got from the whole getaway. T’was a lot of fun! See what went down from our over night escapade. Enjoy!

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