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Following the events of Ondoy and Pepeng a few months ago, and in celebration of the spirit of Christmas, SQME and Ideyatech decided to do something different by hosting an activity that would be socially relevant and fulfilling at the same time. After careful consideration of possible institutions to partner with, Pangarap Shelter Foundation was chosen as the sponsor institution for this event.

Along with two (2) Hands-On Manila volunteers (Leo Cabasag and Ate Cecill Artates), 37 volunteers from SQME, Ideyatech and friends were able to attend this outreach program to share themselves with the boys from Pangarap.

The Pangarap boys (along with girls housed by Pangarap Foundation at an apartment nearby) wowed us with different performances from singing to rapping to dancing. They awed us with an interpretive dance entitled “Who Am I”, opening the event with an uplifting song and dance number.

The Pangarap Choir rendered a very enlightening song

A sibling pair showcased their talent in rap and beatboxing

Two groups of Pangarap boys called the Gimikeros and the Javawakees exhibited their talents in dancing

And the Pangarap girls also showed that they can groove like the boys.

But probably the most enjoyable part of this event was the part where the volunteers and the boys joined in to play some fun games. The Longest Line was great to start off the games since it got everyone hyped up!

The Sack Race game even made things more exciting for everyone, as a Pangarap Foundation kid is partnered with a volunteer to run a three-legged sack race.

The Calamansi Relay proved to be harder than it seems, especially that if the calamansi fell, you have to go back to the start.

The Bring Me game didn’t sell much because people were already tired from the games. But we were able to give away a lot of goodies, towels and tumblers in this game.

We capped off the games with a few minutes of sharing and interaction with the boys. This became one of the major highlights of the event for the volunteers, as most of them say they were humbled by the stories of the kids.

Before the sharing session came to a close, Raffy, formerly sponsored and housed by the Pangarap Shelter Foundation, spoke of his own success story as a form of inspiration for the kids and for us, volunteers, as well.

Lunch came soon after, complete with ice cream!

Our outreach program to Pangarap Shelter Foundation ended with a tour of the place, especially at their candle workshop.

Over-all, this Outreach Program proved to be a very fulfilling and inspiring activity for everyone. We shared ourselves, never expecting that they’d be the one sharing more of themselves with us.

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