Ideyatech Anniversary 2009

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October 21, 2009 — This date marks the day that Ideyatech celebrated another anniversary. While it felt as if the last was just a few months back, the company has just gone older and it’s been an exciting development for everyone.

Ideyatech's 2nd Year Anniversary

This year, the annual muster was held at Max’s Restaurant in Megamall. It started with a little discussion about administrative matters succeeded by project summaries and accomplishment reports. In general, the company took pride in: (1) being prolific in the aspect of accomplishing previously set goals especially in the fields of building/strengthening the companies Software Development Processes, (2) by being significantly relevant in surviving an economically strenous year that feigned businesses globally and (3) focusing on product development by releasing Open-tides version 0.4 and significant documentation updates, E-recruitment Tool, as well as continuous research and development of products that is currently being developed.

Moving forward, Ideyatech strives to make its presence felt in the industry. The company is also very optimistic in acquiring new skilled individuals that will help fortify in strengthening the company’s services and product lines.

In the end, it has been an illustrious time for everyone to catch up and be on the same page. While it felt like the past year went by so fast, it was indeed, an exciting development for everyone.

If you want to know more about Ideyatech, you can find more information on our company page.

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