Blue is greener. Open-tides 0.3 is released!

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Open-tides. Java Outsourcing Solution

Today earmarks another event in Ideyatech’s history. Today, we announce the release of the third version of Open-tides.

Open-tides is a web application framework contributed by Ideyatech to the open source community. It is a framework that can be used to quickly setup a web application using Spring MVC and JPA. Open-tides’ technology stack includes industry’s leading enterprise tools such as Spring, Spring MVC, Acegi, Quartz, JPA, Hibernate.

Based on actual project statistics, Open-tides boosted productivity of Ideyatech developers for about 218%. Usual project setup time takes about 1 week but with use of Open-tides, project setup takes only 1-2 days. Moreover, creating administration pages have been significantly reduced from 4 days to 1.5 days. This productivity gain helped project teams to focus more on business rules and quality testing rather getting things to work.

“Opentides is the heart of Ideyatech’s success. We’ve used this framework to quickly setup various projects from ground-up… and we would like to share this to the rest of the world. “ as announced by Allan Tan, President/CEO of Ideyatech and Chief Architect of Open-tides.

Admittedly, Open-tides is still at its infancy and it will take twice the effort and time to get the framework to be accepted by the mass public. Nevertheless, Ideyatech is looking towards improving the framework’s documentation and ease-of-use to promote the tool for public consumption.

Some notable features of the framework include:

  • Basic project setup. Open tides gives you base project setup right away. Base setup includes user login and management.
  • Built-in security. Integrated with ACEGI Security and pre-configured.
  • Support for CRUD pages. Uses JPA/Hibernate for CRUD operations by simply extending pre-built classes.
  • Search By Example. CRUD pages includes built-in search criteria and results pagination.
  • Audit Logging. Changes to data (who, when, what) are tracked.
  • Email notification. Email notifications and alerts are pre-configured.
  • Database Evolve. Allows scripted database updates for production roll-out.

Details of the project can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Blue is greener. Open-tides 0.3 is released!

  1. What are the reasons in using JPA EntityManager and Hibernate Session in the project? Would it be better ( simpler ) to stick with just one?

  2. Hi Paul,

    We wish to keep only JPA EntityManager throughout the entire application to make Open-tides independent of the undelying persistence tool. However, latest JPA release has limitations that are only available via direct Hibernate calls such as audit logging.


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