Bonding Over Mooncake

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Every month (or so) we conduct a bonding activity to promote employee camaraderie here in Ideyatech. For the month of September we have the mooncake activity (or is this festivity?), where there are prizes (cash), food and of course lots of fun .

Here are some of the pictures (guys, next time remember to smile to the shutter):

dinner winnerswin!

Just in case you don’t know what Mooncake is all about (sounds like me) here’s an email from Philip (our events organizer)

Buddhists, Taoists and believers of Chinese folk religions consider the seventh lunar month (August) as the “Ghost Month,” otherwise known as the “Month of the Hungry Ghosts”, in which ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower realm. The first day of the month is called the “Opening of the Gates of Hades” since it is believed that the gates of Hell are flung open on this day to allow the ghosts and spirits of the nether world into the world of the living for a month of bacchanal of food and wine. This earthly party comes to an end on the last day of the month, called the “Closing of the Gates of Hades,” since the portals to the spirit world are shut once again on this day. On the 15th day of Ghost Month, many people stay at home to avoid an unlucky encounter with a ghost out enjoying the Ghost Festival; and special care is taken to avoid walking near riverbanks where a water spirit may easily steal the body of the living. During this whole period, the believers suspend all important activities and decisions.

This is my first mooncake experience and by the end of the game I got a total of 420, not bad at all.

Full picture set is located here.

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