Department of Agrarian Reform’s Testimonial

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“Ideyatech has played a vital role in the successful implementation of our web-based case management system, the very first of its kind and complexion in the government implemented in the entire country, and not just in Metro Manila. I’m very pleased to note that they are very professional, reliable, and easy to work with.

Indeed, with their support and technical expertise, the Department of Agrarian Reform became one of the first government agencies to successfully roll-out a nationwide automation project, with 268 offices and more than 3,000 employees involved at the provincial, regional, and central levels, all of which were completed in just about a year.

This has proven to be a highly critical and effective intervention, as one of the major features of the system is that it is multi-use and accessible over the internet. The system utilizes barcode technology to ensure easy tracking and integrity of documents. The efficient use of the system eventually dramatically decreased the use of paper because the of the presence of built-in word processors where drafts can be written and reviewed by the legal officers without the need to print each and every draft until it is ready for the signature of the higher official. It also contains pro-forma templates for the use of legal officers whenever appropriate. The system also automatically prints Registered Return Cards (RRC) for documents that need to be registered in the postal office, and mail labels for envelopes. Another feature is the Global Search tool which will enable one to search for a particular case even if the information available is only the name of the party or the title of the case. ”

— Undersecretary Anthony Parungao, Department of Agrarian Reform

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