Ideyatech welcomes MonstarLab with ‘Meet and Greet’

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Last May 26, 2017, MonstarLab CEO, Hiroki-San and his team visited its partner office in the Philippines. Hiroki-San met with all the Ideyatech employees and shared a delicious buffet dinner with them.

Before the dinner started, Hiroki-San expressed his appreciation and admiration to the Ideyatech CEO, Allan Tan. He is very much looking forward to this partnership.  He also talked about how he is impressed with Ideyatech’s culture, employees, and work performance.

” Let’s work together so we can do more together. ” – Hiroki Inagawa

” We will continue to grow the company forward with Hiroki and everyone’s support. ” – Allan Tan


Ideyatech (Monstar Lab Philippines):

We are a software development company based in Ortigas, Metro Manila — ROHQ of Monstar Lab, Inc. with headquarters in Tokyo. We offer Mobile, Web, and Enterprise application development.

Monstar Lab Inc:

MonstarLab was established in 2006 with headquarters in Tokyo. It currently operates with 13 offices in 7 countries where it offers Mobile, Web, and Enterprise application development, IOT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Game development, and more. The company was founded by CEO Hiroki Inagawa


Launching a mobile, web or enterprise application is so much more than just having an idea. You have ideas, we have solutions! Contact Monstar Lab PH today.

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