What are the advantages of AI in our lives?

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Whether you believe in Elon Musk’s alarming views on the dangers of AI, it pays to look at the advantages of AI in our lives and in our society.

Sci-fi movies have continuously shown interest in AI. Making it the centerAI advantages of the plot and showing the audience futuristic and technological concepts. The future is always the inspiration of many writers and producers. Exhibiting what could happen in the future and how advance human life will be with the help of AI.

But what is AI? How is it helpful to humanity?

AI means Artificial Intelligence. It is the beginning of the 5th generation of computers. The goal of the said generation is to develop devices that will react to natural language input and are basically capable of understanding and learning. LISP and PROLOG are two of most common AI programming language. The main idea of having AI is to make life easier for humans. While the level of AI improves it also increases its competency, thus making them capable of handling more complex tasks for humans. Also, AI can act as a catalyst to develop scientific and technological discovery.

Artificial Intelligence makes so many functions and is definitely more efficient. Therefore, it helps in saving human time and resources thus, freeing up work hours so that people can do more important things. As a result, many companies are using AI to their advantage. Big firms are taking over retails. More and more of big firms are greatly investing on AI. Telecommunications are starting to profit using AI, cutting costs and improving customer experience. JP Morgan is also adapting to the AI trend. The company has high finance automated and refining employee productivity.

AI technology provides multiple benefits to humanity in various forms. It is making long distance communication, access, and distribution of information easier.

Multiple AI based solutions across industries are currently deployed. This includes:
Predictive Analytics
Diagnostic & Recommendations
Chatbots & Voice Assistants
Image recognition
Processing & Diagnostics

Artificial Intelligence will empower us in the next few decades. While it’s true that the impact of AI on jobs is a major concern, we still have time to prepare through training or retraining staff. Experts say that a lot of people may be employed providing personal services and less employment in machinery and financial services. So to avoid possible risks of AI, it comes down to preparation, regulation, and agility.


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  1. Artificial intelligence is growing at a very fast rate as it is changing the face of the technology and it will be going very helpful for many industries

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