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Reloassist - Winner: Technological Innovation in Relocation MoveAssist, one of Ideyatech’s long-term client, had won the award for Technological Innovation in Relocation. MoveAssist is one of the leading developers of software for movers and relocation managers. The award that has been granted to Robby Wogan, CEO of MoveAssist, is the very first of its kind in the United Kingdom. The award gives due recognition to the quality of the product, to the developers and our people who had worked very hard in developing and maintaining it. Ideyatech is the software development outsourcing partner of MoveAssist and has been doing enhancements and support to this award winning product called Reloassist.

Reloassist won the award because of its usefulness to many relocation companies. It has been useful because it integrates parties so that they can communicate through a web-based platform. It can handle a variety of services and provides flexibility to the different needs of relocation companies. Users of this software can easily configure the software to meet their specific requirements. One client said that ReloAssist has helped them achieve better productivity in their team’s day to day tasks. Thus, they were able to grow without actually having to increase their staff. In addition, the company has also efficiently improved their sales through the use of Reloassist.

Reloassist is a Java-based relocation management system designed to facilitate daily operations of relocating organizations, from corporate HR teams to relocation companies. The application is designed with flexibility in mind and developed on top of a highly robust Java framework using Struts, Spring and Hibernate.

This is another success story Ideyatech.

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