Keeping a Healthy Ecosystem

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The past 12 months has been exciting for Ideyatech. We’ve faced new challenges and have experienced sustainable growth. From a 3 person team, we now have 20 full time developers. We’ve also outgrown our old office and moved to a bigger 200 sqm space. More importantly, our project list and pipeline has been consistently full and we’ve managed to keep everyone busy.

Ideyatech - Software Development Outsourcing Team

Keeping a Healthy Ecosystem

Our business is an ecosystem where the employees do client work, client pays for the work, and the management keeps the employees and clients. By understanding this ecosystem, it is easy to understand how to keep it healthy. The first act of kindness is for management to keep the employees happy, if employees are happy, they deliver quality work and make client happy. If client is happy, they pay well and makes management happy. If management is happy, they continue to keep the employees happy. This makes up the healthy ecosystem.

At Ideyatech, we value the time of every individual – we allow work-from-home, offsetting, and even pay for overtime. This allows everyone to manage their own time and in doing so, everyone respects time by ensuring every hour spent is productive.

By applying agile methodologies and release schedule, we are able to keep up and manage client expectations. The agile methodology is known to be effective in early software releases without sacrifice to quality. In short, we have established an agile process that works and our clients are happy with it.

Aside from our regular team-building activities such as bowling nights, wii nights, etc. , we also believe and promote “passion at work”… we believe that everyone must come to office with excitement to face daily challenges. We don’t want employees to get “sick and tired” of their 8 hour work. Life is too short to go to waste.

Employee empowerment is also something we practice at Ideyatech. I’ve been constantly giving everyone the opportunity to decide on matters at hand and delegating more responsibilities to them. By doing so, everyone gets to learn new things and become more responsible.

All these efforts and investments are directed towards one single goal, and that is to keep employees happy and that takes care of the entire ecosystem.

If you want to know more about Ideyatech, you can find more information on our company page.

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