Redefining Developer Roles

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We envision Ideyatech to be an agile, creative and pro-active software development company. We never intend to become like any other outsourcing company that provides cookie cutters. As part of this effort, we redefined the developer titles and roles.

We classified our developers into three: Codester, Codesmith and Codemaster. However, it’s more than just the making new titles… we also redefined their roles.

A codester is a dynamic individual who has passion for abstract and logical reasoning. He is trained in the art of programming and is experienced in the Java language. He is resourceful and capable of learning new technologies on his own. Codester are people you can rely on to deliver codes that work according to specifications.

A codesmith crafts their codes with artistic mastery. He is capable of writing clean, well-designed codes. He is well-versed in the art of programming and ensures that his codes are optimized, refactored and properly unit-tested. Codesmiths are your best bet in doing complex and more advanced transactional web applications.

A codemaster is one of the chosen few who can design unique solutions to common complex problems. Unlike traditional developers, he thinks of solutions with a business sense. In addition, he is an expert in design patterns – not only in theory, but also in practice. Codemasters are the perfect partners for product development since they have the creative insight and technical proficiency in developing state-of-the-art applications.

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