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For the past two months, we have been having our weekly T3 (Tuesday Tech Talk) sessions. It’s a 30-minute discussion about any technical topic the presenter would like to discuss. Presenters are randomly selected from the development group.

So far, we have received nothing but benefits from this activity. Here are some of its benefits and advantages:

  1. The presenters get an opportunity to talk, express themselves and practice their presentation skills. More importantly, they steer away from the developer mindset for a while, get out of their shells, and think of good topics to discuss.
  2. The attendees learn something new. Everybody seems to know something others don’t.
  3. Everyone begins to understand the specialization and span of knowledge of their colleagues. In this way, it becomes easier to know who to ask regarding particular topics. Subsequently, the developers become experts and specialists in their own way.
  4. This builds camaraderie within the team. Everyone relaxes and opens up their minds for new knowledge.
  5. The topics discussed are usually not something we do or use in our daily routine at work. So, everyone gets to learn more than the usual stuff.
  6. Everyone realizes the things that they do not know and starts to seek for more information about it.
  7. The organization strengthens its corporate IQ as people share their ideas and knowledge with each other.
  8. After a couple of sessions, everyone began appreciating the activity and now looks forward for new things to learn.
Here are some of the topics we have discussed so far:
  • Tips on improving website performance (as recommended by Yahoo Exceptional Performance)
  • Programing with Grails
  • Reverse Ajax via DWR
  • jMaki
  • Integration testing with TestNG
  • Image Manipulation / Photo retouching
  • Javascript Programming
In the end, I believe the concept of T3 sessions is very much aligned with our core values – Leadership, Execution, Agility and Passion.

If you want to know more about Ideyatech, you can find more information on our company page.

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