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As defined in Wikipedia:

Agile Software Development is a conceptual framework for software development that promotes development iterations, open collaboration, and adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project.

True to its meaning, Agile is a concept that can be implemented in several ways. So, there is no correct way of getting it right… Nevertheless, here are some tips we’d like to share based on our experience:

Ideyatech agile

  1. Agile team members must be matured and responsible. Team members must be pro-active and have the drive/determination to take charge of the task at hand. Self-organizing teams are hard to develop, especially for junior programmers. It takes some level of maturity and experience for a team member to identify the tasks and execute them.
  2. Agile projects must be contracted as “Time and Material” rather than as “Fix Cost”. This is because agile practice is susceptible to “scope creeps”. The concept of being able to adjust/change requirements during each release indicates that scope must be flexible. As such, contracting on “fix cost” will either limit scope changes or lead to tedious change control processes.
  3. Pair programming should be limited. It is effective only on certain circumstance such as “master-apprentice” pairing or critical components. Otherwise, it will lead to inefficiency where two people are producing half the value of their time.
  4. Tools are essential for unit testing and continuous integration. It is almost impossible to implement unit tests and continuous integration without the proper tools to support the build and test process. It is important that the tool is able to run builds on pre-determined schedules and send configurable alerts. Moreover, choose a tool that can understand the unit test results and do notifications as necessary.
  5. Take the Agile Manifesto with a grain of salt. Not everything in Agile works… it varies on the organization, software and project type. For organizations that are new to this concept, start by shortening your iteration release – at least to monthly. This can take you a long way going agile…

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