We’re moving and growing…

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While it may seem that our blog activities have been quiet and slow, we have been very busy and active,  continuously expanding our operations and improving our processes. For the past three months, we have almost doubled our employee head count and we plan to add more in the next months. The only thing that hinders us right now is “space”… precious office space.

Nevertheless, we managed to prioritize things, and have decided to work on our “office space” problems first. So, this weekend we are moving to a new office space, a bigger and better office. I hope this move will help us grow as we establish our business office.

At the same time, we are working on rebranding our corporate image. Consequently, we will be launching our new website soon. Like any other thing we do, we apply continuous and iterative methodology; therefore, instead of having a grand launch and major rebranding, we will be applying our changes slowly for a span of about a month.

So watch out for this! We are changing our image in the face of the Earth!

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