Etymology of ideyatech

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ideyatech – where ideas and technologies meet.

It’s clear from our tagline where the name comes from – idea and technology. Idea is formally defined as “a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action; an opinion or belief” while technology is “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes”. When combined, these two words synergize to build a stronger meaning – “to revolutionize an industry through technology by executing brilliant ideas.”. It’s a dream many of us wanted to achieve, but only few dare to take the challenge… and we are one of them – ready to take the challenge.

Now, what’s with the ‘y’? Well, ideya is the Filipino translation of idea. A part from being bold and revolutionary, we wanted to be known as a Filipino company – founded, managed and executed the Filipino way. We are here to be a living proof that the Filipinos can compete globally and surpass technologies from more advanced countries. We believe that this notion of technical superiority is a product of non-action to take the challenge… and that’s what we are – a Filipino managed company ready to take the challenge and revolutionize the world.

If you want to know more about Ideyatech, you can find more information on our company page.

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