Does certification matter?

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When looking for a developer, would you consider the certifications he/she earned? Does the title MCSD, SCJP, SCEA matter? I’d like to say “no” because I’ve seen great programmers who are not certified and doesn’t value certifications. Moreover, I don’t want to discredit good programmers who doesn’t have this piece of paper.

But then again, why did I have to bother getting SCEA and PMP myself? Well, what really drives me is the “proof” that I am capable of passing the tests. These tests are developed, reviewed and improved by industry experts to measure individual skills and knowledge. I took the challenge because I believe I deserve that title.

While real world experience is good, you’ll only learn things that you do and you’ll never get the change to learn other things until you encounter it. When I took my certification, it is not like I just have to go to the testing center and pass it. It took me sometime to study, analyze and even memorize to prepare for a certification. This may not be something valuable at work, but it proves that I can understand the concepts well. More importantly, it shows that I’m disciplined and diligent to learn new things.

So does certification matter?

Yes. When choosing between 2 developers with same experience, I’d prefer someone who is certified. I’m also encouraging people to take their certifications.

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