Unfuddle – Great tool for project tracking

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I’ve recently come across unfuddle(https://www.unfuddle.com) which is a project tracking tool and hosted source repository. This site is built on RoR and behaves similar with Basecamp. I’m currently using Basecamp for my projects… it’s pretty good but I find it a little too limited for other things such as defect and issue tracking. Currently, I have a separate service for issue tracking and source control.


Unfuddle seems to be the all-in-one solution as it provides a number of useful functionalities such as messages, milestones, ticketing, and even source control. With unfuddle, I’m considering giving up basecamp and my VPS-hosted repository. I’ll probably be able to save a few bucks but more importantly, I’ll get a streamlined process of managing projects from source control to issue tracking. Hopefully, unfuddle can get an integrated defect tracking software that allows linking between source code commits and issue resolution and possibly a platform to support continuous integration.
Thanks to the people at Unfuddle for making software development and management fun and exciting!

2 thoughts on “Unfuddle – Great tool for project tracking

  1. Unfuddle has improved a lot since the last post. Now, Unfuddle supports integration between tickets and source commits. It also added Notebook (wiki). Just check out the site… It’s definitely among the best development tools.

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