Freedom Over Security

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It’s been quite a personal struggle for me to choose between freedom against security. Freedom pushes me hard to be creative and explore the unknown but the risk is high. If none of the creativity works, failure is immediate. On the other hand, security reduces risk of failure as financial income is consistent. I’ve tried going back to corporate world for the past 3 months with a good paycheck… but cannot find the satisfaction in the things I do.

This experience adds maturity as I begin to understand that satisfaction is not measured by amount of $$$ earned rather by personal achievements and accomplishments. This is the first time that I have to give-up my financial security in exchange to following my passion.

Looking back to where I started, it was passion that pushed me to start an IT career, it was passion that gave me career promotion, and now it is passion that makes me go back to continue what I envisioned – my own IT company.

Let me conclude by saying that ideyatech will be back on track and will continue to build quality software and deliver world-class services.

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