Building Something out of Nothing

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I started the vision of my first lame attempt to build the next generation software last 2004, after 7 years of getting bored from corporate pressure of delivering enterprise application. I realized that working hard for 12-16 hours a day does not fulfill my needs. So to start off, I did some consulting for a friend until I had enough money to join this premier online project bidding website. After a few tries, I got into my first major project for approximately $1,600.00. This kept me afloat for a while and I started to build my profile and credentials. After a few months, I had several clients that comes back to give more work… so, I tried balancing client requests with my next generation software.

I was working with freelancers and part-time developers to get things done. For half their time, I get half the product and eventually have to complete it by myself. I control the cashflow $$$ like freak using a simple rule – all expenses should have concrete deliverables. I choose to work on projects that we specialize – Java. I took advantage of the Internet and ran a remote development team using 3 basic tools: forums, issue tracking and cvs. Finally, I make sure client expectations are well set. So far, these basic principles help me maintain perfect feedback and ratings. Cool.

By end of year 2005, I didn’t have my next generation software – someone did it already. So all I have are several pieces of reusable codes and $2,000 at my disposal. I decided to hire and train 2 full-time staff in my native town, Bicol. With my existing clients, I can pay my staff to keep the business going. As for me, I’m back at the drawing boards for yet another next generation software but this time I have reusable codes and a stable business foundation. Its a slow start but considering that I started this company by doing consulting work with no available capital… I am quite fulfilled.

Well this is not my success story… but a story of building something out of nothing. Caio!

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